Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Nearly Have a Heart Attack on I-66

Larry is taking a weekly class at Andrews Air Force Base.  It makes for a REALLY long day for him, so I pick him up at the Pentagon and we go together.  He goes to class and I hang out at the commissary and then get a taco at the PX and read and breathe in the military life like it is a tonic.

Audrey, proud new renter of what we used to call Shayne and Jess's condo - which is now known as Audrey's condo*, decided to come along to play a game my daughters love called "Let's see if we can actually spend ALL of mom's checkbook at the commissary".

We did a pretty good job of it if I do say so myself and now I know that my baby won't starve....

AND we even got to play a bonus round - i.e. we had Larry's PX charge card and as the clerk was ringing us up I mentioned to Audrey that this was the reason that Larry was the only one who had a card for this account.... (Who knew that Audrey had a Martha Stewart addiction??)

So we crammed all of our purchases into Larry's little red Jetta, picked Larry up after his class was over and headed back to Manassas.

As we were nearing the rest stop I noticed in the rear view mirror that there was an idiot driving right on my bumper.

I even said "Look at that idiot right on my bumper!! I can't go any faster!  I am already going 70 miles an hour......"

That's when the blue lights started flashing.

That's pretty much when my heart palpitations started.

I pulled over on the shoulder and the cop whizzed on by.

Undoubtedly laughing his ass off.

By the way, did you know that that section of I-66 the speed limit is actually 55 miles per hour??

I am very aware of that now.....

I was hoping he'd have nice lady-like pink cuffs.....

*The formal name for the condo is "Shayne and Jess's old condo that Audrey is renting now and she can only have one cat and NO interior cat doors...."


  1. I like the pink cuffs & turquoise is always a nice option.

  2. Wow, thanks for outing my Martha Stewart affections. HOW AM I GOING TO SAVE FACE ON THE INTERWEBS NOW

    1. I am pretty sure that the interwebs will merely be jealous.....