Saturday, August 31, 2013

There - I Said It!!!

On Thursday Larry and I took a little Living Social created trip to Staunton.  It was wonderful and I'll write more about THAT later.

As we were leaving after lunch to come back home, Larry noticed that we were driving by a couple of quilt shops - one which had a sign that just said "Antique Linens".

"Ummm," he said nervously, "Do you want to stop and look?"

"No," I said instantly.  

"I think that I have enough linens." 

Larry, in a state of shock, managed to drive for a few blocks before he felt it was safe to say "ok."

He was happier than when the Yankees lose.

Anyone who knows Larry knows exactly how true that is!!

Yep.  That's a happy man!!!!

(*However, if you are GIVING linens've got my number....)

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