Thursday, August 1, 2013

Electronic Family

I was trying to be a good citizen last night while I was driving in rush hour traffic. 

I had a question that I needed to ask Audrey and I figured that I would use my snazzy new "voice to text" feature on my phone. 

Speaking slowly and deliberately, I said the following:

"One thing that I don't understand is why did they have to kill Harry Potter's parents in the first place."

This is what the message actually said:

"1 thing that I didn't understand is why was why did they still carry  spiders terrace in the first place."

Oh boy.

So I tried again:

"Hairy slaughter harris why did they carol is there?"

Audrey:  "I have no idea what you're asking me, LOL."


So at a stop light I quickly texted:

Me: "Why did Voldermort kill Harry potter's parents? Why were they killed?"

Audrey: "Bc V was in love w Harry's mom and she didn't love him back.  I think.  I need to rewatch."

Me:  "Me too.  His mom sure got around. Snape was in love with her too."

Audrey: "Or maybe Voldermort knew that Harry was the one and decided to kill them all."

Me: "The one what?  Guess I need to read the book."

Audrey:  "Guess sooooo."

Well, at least we have a vague idea about the classics.......


  1. Oh god, you're actually going to read that, uh what's a polite term.....tripe, crap,typing? Ok, you're still my long as I"m still yours.

  2. We had such a good time during our marathon, I thought I'd go back and see what I missed. Can't be any worse than Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray. I am going to balance it out with a book about Army wives during the Viet Nam war and a book by and about General Laurence Chamberlain (Civil War)and some Shirley Jackson...

    1. And of course, you are always my friend....