Monday, August 19, 2013

Conversations With the Grandkids

Today Grey and Neve and I met Aunt Mary for lunch.

Sounds easy, right?

Let me just mention that earlier in the day at the back to school doctor appointment Grey got one shot, while Neve got FOUR shots.  And rumor has it that she was not at all cooperative. When they were finished with Neve's shots she told Shayne "Daddy, they HURTED me!".
So, they were a little keyed up with they climbed into the back seat.

And as Mary works near Baileys Crossroads, it's a little bit of a drive.

First I had to contend with these budding Weird Al Yankovics changing the words to a couple of songs from Les Miserables.  I won't bore you with these particular song lyrics -- just imagine the word poop, diaper, and cars rhyming horribly with other words....

We had a nice lunch at the Olive Garden with Aunt Mary, even tho their lunch seemed to consist entirely of croutons, garlic bread, chocolate milk and a random grape or two. (I guess they ate the basically untouched cheese pizza for supper tonite.)  
The waitress had a hard time with their names (on the take-out containers) so after we corrected her several times, we gave up and the kids just wrote in crayon over the names that she had assigned them.

On the way home with stopped by a goodwill store to see if I could find the Harry Potter books that I am missing.  We didn't find those, but Grey and Neve each found a book and soon we were back in the car and on our way home.

Neve's book was about ballet dancing and she showed one of the pictures to Grey.

Neve: See Grey, This is how you do it!

Grey:  Neve, I already showed you how to do a twirl!  You stick your arm up and you put your foot out and you spin!

Me: hey Grey!  maybe you would like to take ballet lessons?

Grey: NO.

Neve:  But Grey, you need to be my partner!

Grey: No!  Your teacher will divide you up and give you a partner.

Neve;  But my teacher will say, Neve, you need to have your brother for your partner!

Grey: No she won't.

Neve:  Yes she will!!

I could see that the shots and the day were catching up with Neve so I changed the subject.

But I couldn't help day-dreaming just a little about how adorable Neve and her partner Grey would be.

Even thought Shayne would kill me for even suggesting it......

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