Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Electronic Family

Lucy and Ellie were driving me crazy.  And then I came up with a GREAT idea!!!

The following is a few texts between Victoria Moffit and myself while Victoria was in NYC visiting her daughter Maggie and her new husband Daniel - 

Me: please tell the Mr. and Mrs. hi for us and are they registered anywhere?

Victoria: myregistry.com - it's for their honeymoon.

Me: How about two basset hounds?

Victoria: Perfect!

Me: Great! I'll wrap 'em up and ship 'em out tomorrow!!!

Victoria: They will be so surprised!

Me; Not as surprised as the UPS guy....

Punch in a couple of air holes in the top - They'll be fine!!!


  1. all you need is a big bow & they're all set! Grover will love it. And to think all this conspiring, uh planning came about over a few minutes of texting. We are geniuses.