Friday, April 12, 2013

Early Morning Changes

Yesterday afternoon I got off of work with a rare feeling of excitement.  
Friday is the first day of my weekly 3 day weekend and for some reason, I was really looking forward to it.

I had it all planned out - 

Larry was off on Friday too so we were going to sleep in and eat almond croissants and drink coffee and maybe watch some Fraizer.  Then I was going to clean house and do laundry - heck, I'd would probably start the laundry on Thursday!

We were going to pick up all of our grandkids - human and furry - after school so that Shayne and Jess could go on a romantic wedding reception cruise with a James Bond theme and then on to the after party at the Willard and then spend the night there...I can't wait to see the pictures!!

We even briefly considered taking the kids and going to the Braves game on Friday night.

Funny thing about plans....

So when I picked Larry up at the Metro on Thursday,  he said that he had to work on Friday.  
Ok, I can sleep in and eat croissants and drink coffee and watch Fraiser and do laundry all by myself -  then we remembered that he can't drive for twenty-four hours after his doctor appointment, which was why I was picking him up at the Metro in the first place.

Ok, I can drive LT to the metro, come home and drink coffee and eat croissants and watch Fraiser and do laundry.  Except I may possibly swing by Starbucks.

Then Shayne called and asked if he could bring the dogs over early because he has to leave early on Friday.  So I said that I'd just pick them up on the way home from taking LT to the metro.

Because I can drive LT to the Metro, pick up the dogs, definitely swing by Starbucks and then eat croissants and watch Fraiser and do laundry.

I forgot to thaw the croissants.

So this morning I rolled out of bed, took Larry to the metro in the POURING rain and noted that I was nearly out of gas.  But it was ok - I had enough gas to get the dogs and swing by Starbucks and go home and watch Fraiser and drink my starbucks and do laundry.

Then Shayne called and said since I was coming over anyway why don't I just pick up the kids then and they could have a little Mimi vacation day.

Then I realized that I just had enough gas to get home.  Barely.  No swinging by Starbucks.

So by 8:45 we were home, all four dogs had gone out and come in and smeared their approximate body weight of mud on my off-white Berber carpet, Grey and Neve were properly pop-tarted, and had captured Scottie Jane, and I was eating a muenster cheese on toasted rye sandwich and watching Max and Ruby.

And I seriously doubt that laundry is going to get done today....

Here's what it looked like - 

Scottie Jane is getting SO big!!!
muddy muddy puppies!!  SOOO glad we shampooed the carpet last week!!!
At Mimi's house cat scratchers play many roles.
Grey and Scottie Jane NOT watching Fraiser
Wet blossoms

looks like snow!!

Happy Friday!!!

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