Monday, June 4, 2012

More Conversations with the Grandkids

We had a busy weekend this weekend.

Neve decided to 'read' some of my vintage books: "Neve", I said, "which books are you reading?"  "The RED ones", she replied.

We were getting ready to head out to the Nationals Stadium and Neve came running, holding my mini pink Nationals bat. "Mimi!" She said breathlessly, "Don't forget your football bat!!"

We spent two and a half hours driving to the game in heavy pouring rain.  We were three blocks from the stadium when they cancelled the game.  We told the kids that we weren't going to go after all.  "But Mimi!!  I put on the T-Shirt!!"  Neve wailed.

Neve all Nat-ed up.

Since the game was shot we decided to go to Famous Daves.  On the way Grey informed us that while Neve could 'move like Jagger', he could (ahem) fart like Jagger.

It's true.  Neve is a whirling dervish.

The next morning Grey woke up out of a dead sleep, went into the hall and came back with two toy golf balls in his hands.  He then requested that Neve stop stealing his bowling balls.

Later we went to a couple of yard sales.  Neve scored a Hello Kitty magic wand.  We later heard Grey irritably tell Neve:  "Neve! Don't poof me into a frog when I am talking to you!!"

Words to live by.

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