Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 Months 'til the Wedding - Lets talk China

One of the things that Mary has let me do for her wedding is collect vintage china for the reception.

Remember the scene in The Shining - 

Lloyd: What will you be drinking, sir?
Jack Torrance: Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd

 I have been like a kid in a candy shop.

When my friend Sue and I went on our annual trip last August to the Bouckville Antique Flea market in New York, we picked up a few dishes here and there....

And when we got home I bought a few more....

Oh, and a couple more...

And several more that I am not going to share right now...
China Town

And now Lance, Mary's fiance, calls this corner "China Town".   And he shakes his head whenever I mention any new exciting purchases....

But I can quit.  



Does Betty Ford have a vintage china section????

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  1. I'm putting up DO NOT SELL TO posters with your face on them in every antique store/flea market on the East Coast. And Ebay.