Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Bag of Books

My boss Laura is doing a tremendous spring-cleaning-in-the-winter.  They are downsizing and putting their house on the market and she is letting go of all kinds of treasures!!  And I have been lucky enough to snag a few odds and ends and make them mine.

(Audrey says one more thing comes in this house and she's going to have a serious heart to heart with Laura...)

One of the best things is this cookie jar!!  It is the happiest cookie jar ever made and I smile EVERY time I see it!!!

But of all the goodies that I've managed to sneak home (when Audrey wasn't looking) The books are my favorite!

Laura said she had some kids books that  she thought Grey and Neve might like, so I dragged the three bags upstairs and Neve and I started going thru them.

There were all kinds of great little kids books in there, but the biggest surprise of all, the ones that reduced me to tears, were the young adult books!!!!

There were Nancy Drew books.
There were Trixie Belden books,
There Donna Parker books.
These were books I wanted to read when I was younger and didn't get the chance!!
There was a set of Harry Potter books, and a set of Little House books !!!  (I've had that on my Amazon Wish list for ages!!)

I sat on the floor and looked thru my happy tears at the bounty of books spread out in front of me and all that I could think was - 

I am going to need some serious time off.

Just me, a cup of tea, and a little visit to my childhood.

I can't wait.

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