Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My New Chairs

Last week I wandered - without a keeper - into The Very Thing, a local consignment store where I've been known to spend a couple of dollars here and there.

Ok, I've bought so many dishes there that I'm kind of known as the china lady.

So I walked in and there they were.  The chairs that we've been looking for.  The Wonder Chairs.

Look how pretty!!

See how beautiful??  Nice and tall and really comfy!!  And they were staged so nicely at The Very Thing.  It was all just so.

So we crossed our fingers and they were still there on Friday when Larry could go in and check them out and sit in them.  And he loved them.  

We took them home and I dug out the fancy purple pillows that I had extracted from Laura's cast off treasures and MY chairs looked just so.

Neve has great taste.

 Except that Neve thought they would look MUCH better with Ken.  Even so, I sat and marveled at my beautiful chairs - 

Then reality set in.

And I realized that no matter what I wanted, I had other beings in the house who had their OWN ideas about how to decorate a chair.

Like this:
Lucy and Sminky trying the chair out.

And sadly, like this:
Ellie resting

At least they let us sit on the Wonder Chairs occasionally.


  1. at least the basset pillows are warm. good in the winter in these here parts.

  2. Wait - is this winter?? My freaking bulbs are blooming!!!

  3. dat's my wee baby landmass in both those pictures ;)