Sunday, May 20, 2012

Conversations with the Grandkids

Audrey and the babies and I were wandering home from an emergency trip to Fashion Bug on Friday. 
Auds and I were having a deep and in depth conversation about airplane safety.  Specifically about the usage of car seats on aircrafts and how we bought all new car seats for our trip to Germany and how PanAm wouldn't let us use them even tho they WERE rated for airline use.  
I was talking about how in one plane crash an unsecured baby was found in an overhead luggage compartment when I was suddenly interrupted by a voice in the back - "Actually Mimi, that was me", says Grey.  
"Whaaat?" we said in unison.  
"Yes", Grey said, "it was me.  I'm always getting stuck in luggage compartments when we go to Misconsin."  

Ok then.
Would you put this little guy in a luggage rack???

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