Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tragically Un-Hip

I am not hip.
And that's ok.
I am a grandmother.  
I wear Crocs.
And glasses.
And I have decided to never dye my hair again.
But every once in awhile, it's nice to feel, well, cool.
I was kind of cool once...

I was 17 and I rocked this tube top.  

Now my daughter Audrey - she's a hipster.  She wears the clothes that I love but would never dare to wear.

I pretty much live vicariously thru her wardrobe.

The other day she meandered into the kitchen in a sweatshirt that she had just doctored - she cut out the crew neck and it looked cool.  And I thought - why, I could do that and mentally shelved that idea away.

Yesterday I was feeling achey and sore throaty and shivery, so I reached into my closet to grab my green sweatshirt.

My green sweatshirt with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd on the front of it.  I got it at a thrift shop for Mary more years ago than I care to remember.  After it fell out of favor with her, it just naturally found it's way to my closet.

I think I wore it to nearly every horse show when it was chilly - 

I also always wore this blue scarf....

And it was evidently the sweatshirt that was hanging out in the car because I wore it to the beach - on more than one occasion - 

Like this time - 

Check out that red hair and those glasses!!!
And this time - 

I have to admit that I added this picture because I think that Larry looks sooo great!

So it was just second nature to pull it out of the closet when I needed to snuggle down.  I yanked it over my head and after I knocked my glasses off I remembered the one thing that I hated about this sweatshirt - the stinking neck was too tight!

But wait - I had a remedy - if it worked for Audrey, it would work for me!

So out came the scissors and I cut that neckline out, and for good measure, I cut off the binding around the waist too. Of course,the whole time I was battling the thought of my ex-stepmom who was sitting on my shoulder horrified that I was cutting up a perfectly good shirt....

Afterwards I put that baby on and it felt soooo good.  So soft and comfy and sooo easy to pull over my head!

Then I looked in the mirror and sadly realized that I didn't look like a hipster at all.  Just an older lady with a cut up sweatshirt.

Audrey came home later and kindly suggested that it was probably the picture of Bugs Bunny that was doing the injustice - that if  I turn the sweatshirt inside out it might look a little more fashionable - you know,like something out of Soft Surroundings - so I did it and darned if she wasn't right - 

Sminky crawled right up on my shoulder and cuddled up and fell asleep.

Well there you go! 

At least my cats think that I'm hip.