Sunday, March 2, 2014

Conversations With the Grandkids

Our little Neve has always been a little fashionista.  She loves dresses, shoes, any kind of jewelry, nail polish, and especially scarves.... 

She tied the scarf herself....

Even waaaay back she loved scarves.

Is this classy or what??

She started loving shoes at an early age too.  Here is Neve and her Coach booties....

Bib, Booties and Clutch.  Stylin'....

So today I was in my closet trying to find something to wear when Neve wandered in.

"Mimi", she says, "can I play dress up with some of your shoes?"

"OK," I said a little worriedly.  As we all know, I am not big in the sexy shoe department.

I showed her a pair of brown pumps.

"Uh, No Mimi."

I showed her a pair of cloth black pumps that I have had since ohhh...1998.

She wrinkled her nose and just shook her head.

I pulled out my "good" black patent leather high heels that I got in Germany.  

In 1986.  

At the Thrift Shop.

We've been thru a lot together....

"No" She sighed.  "Not those."

So I shyly got out my favorite shoes that I never wear because they hurt so bad.  (They will fit well one day - I am sure of it!!)

such sweet shoes.....

Neve looked me straight in the face and said in a voice that showed every bit of her disappointment and dismay at my choices - 

"Oh Mimi...Are those your BOWLING SHOES???"

So she decided to take the black patent leather shoes, and left me alone in my closet of shame.


At least my cats love me and don't judge my unexciting shoes...

I hope.

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