Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cocktail Thursday

Today I decided that on Thursday, Larry and Audrey (for as long as she is here) and I should have a cocktail.

Living in stressful times, I think that it might be a good way to face Friday. 

It will be a great way to use my pretty glasses and cocktail napkins and cute little bowls.

And, to quote Shirley Jackson, "We all should live more graciously." 

And, since Larry  and I don't really drink, it will be an education.

That's not to say that every drink will include alcohol - I think that ANY drink - even lemonade - would taste WONDERFUL if it is shaken with ice and strained and poured into a pretty glass!!

So I will report weekly on our progress and include recipes for the drinks and for the nibbles that go with them.

Just not this week as I've only just decided to do this. 

To start with this week we shall have a small margarita (which I have a mix for because frankly, I have no idea how to make one!!)

Isn't this pretty?  Wouldn't this be nice to come home to?

(I think it looks better on the tray)

Larry and I got these pretty depression glasses when we went to NC last year just before Christmas.  Merry Christmas to me!!!

I found this up in New York state when my friend Sue and I went up to Bouchville for the largest Outdoor Antique show on the East Coast.  The guy wanted $20.00 for it and was quite dramatic when I talked him down to $10.00.  "Lady, you're killing me!"  (Hmmm...I need to shine it up a bit...)

We got these nut dishes on a different trip to Bouchville - They were buried in a box and were filthy!! I think that I paid .50 cents each for 5.

And last but not least, this beautiful wooden and glass tray.  I got it at the last day of an estate sale for a quarter!!  We didn't realize how beautiful it was until we spent more than a few minutes scrubbing it clean!! (I went a little bit crazy buying trays after I served my visiting sister in law hot chocolate (in beautiful pink willow cups) using a plastic snowman tray!!)

Oh, and this is one of a pair of Tiffany-style lamps that I got at the JCPenneys Outlet.  I saw them and walked away because they were too pricey...Imagine my joy when 6 months later they were 75% off!!  I danced all the way to the checkout!!

So we'll see how our foray into gracious living turns out.  I  mean, we aren't going to turn into Madmen or anything.... (I mean really - who can squeeze into those clothes??)

And in no way does my current obsession with Downton Abbey have anything to do with this.

So come on by on Thursdays....

It's just like Shirley said.....

"We all should live more graciously." 

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  1. Pretty glasses, dishes and fine things should always be used and not stored away! You deserve to use the pretties that God has blessed you with! Enjoy :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!