Thursday, December 12, 2013

Electronic Family - Driving in Ice

I don't like driving in the ice and snow.  Actually, don't like is such a pale word to describe how terrified I am when faced with driving and snow and/or ice.
This phobia is well known in my family.  And as the only one in my family who fears snow and ice, I am roundly made fun of every time there are one or two flakes lazily floating down to the earth.

So on Monday I was less than thrilled with the weather.  We waited until the sun came up and then scraped off the car.  

Here is a text between Mary and I:

Me: The government is delayed for 2 hours.  We are figuring out if dad is going to drive himself to the metro or not.

Mary:  Alrighty.


Me:  Are you going in late?

Mary: Getting ready now. Lance is de-icing my car.

Much Later....

Me:  Oh did I say that I was taking dad to the metro?  By that I mean that dad is driving to the metro and I am in the passenger seat in a fetal position hiding my face and crying because i have to drive home.

Mary: LOL.

Yep. No respect.

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