Saturday, November 30, 2013

Electronic Family

Larry ran into Wegman's the other night to pick up some sudafed.  He handed over his driver's license and was unpleasantly surprised to hear that he had exceeded his monthly limit.  Especially since he hadn't bought any sudafed this month...

As we told Audrey about it at lunch, we told her we were going home and calling the store to make sure that they were correct because we didn't want to think that someone else was using Larry's ID.

Me:  Good news!  It was a mistake at Wegman's!!! Dad is NOT a methhead!!!

Audrey:  A mistake at Wegman's?

Me: Re his attempt to purchase Sudafed last night.

Audrey:  Ohhhhhh! I read that as "meathead" not "methhead"

Me:  Important difference.....

I guess Audrey was distracted.....

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