Friday, January 24, 2014

Corrupting Our Nations Youth - One at a Time

Last week we were getting ready for Miss Audrey to move back in.  
Sue and Larry and I painted.
Sue and Lance and I cleared out the room.  And oops Larry too.
Grey and Neve even got in the action and helped move things out and up and down the stairs and  the pulled up painters tape that I had painstakingly placed on the baseboards.

BTW - Taping things in prep for painting is going to be my new job in hell.  Just sayin.

So with all that hard work they deserved a little time.
After we had ordered Neve asked if she could get some Crocs. We looked and couldn't find any on Amazon.

Then she said "Don't they have a or something like that?"

Indeed they do.

When I go to the website it always says "Welcome Kimberlee!"  

So off we went to

And in the sale section we found PINK HELLO KITTY crocs that were sheepskin lined!!

Well of course we ordered them.

They came in this morning and they are just as cute as can be.

Corrupting the nation - one pair of Crocs at a time.....

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